Occupational Therapy

Every parent wants to see their child have the opportunity to be who they want to be and realise their dreams. Our Occupational Therapists provide the supports and services your child needs to remove barriers so they can live their best life and flourish.

Our OT’s offer the latest evidence-based evaluation and treatment techniques to help children, Adolescents and Adults with complex movement disorders, neurological disorders, or degenerative diseases.

From birth through the high school years, and beyond, we’ll create a tailored plan to help maximise your progress, wellness, quality of life and independence. Our goal is to enable a life without limits for you or your child, no matter their disability.

Empowering children and young people to flourish and reach their full potential

Creating a tailored, responsive and effective therapy plan for your child

We firmly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to your child’s care does not allow them to become who they want to be. Every child has his/her own set of needs, interests and dreams

Our personalised plans are designed to empower your child to learn and grow in a way that works best for them. Our service starts with an allied health pediatric multidisciplinary (MDT) assessment so we can ensure the care we provide delivers the best outcomes for your child’s wellbeing and life. We take a holistic approach to this assessment by having all members of the MDT team present, including a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and pediatric rehabilitation specialist.

Our paediatric rehabilitation specialist, Dr Chanka, will lead the assessment either in a formal or informal play-based setting, depending on your child and their needs on the day. The assessment provides us with an opportunity to learn more about your child and family’s needs so we can provide the best level of care. We’ll work with you and your child to obtain information on their diagnosis, medications, family history, previous investigations, current skills, communication, development milestones, diet, sleeping routines, cognition, whether they go to school/daycare and their social/behavioural skills.

Your child’s multidisciplinary assessment may include but is not limited to:

  • Physiotherapy: we’ll conduct a musculoskeletal assessment to look at your child’s strength, range and tone/spasticity, balance, gross motor skills, functional mobility and gait.
  • Speech Pathology: we’ll take a look at your child’s swallowing capabilities as well as their language and functional communication skills.
  • Occupational Therapy: we’ll assess your child’s everyday living skills including domestic tasks, community access, self-care skills, spasticity and tone assessment/management, upper limb/hand strength, and function and fine motor skills. This is also an opportunity for us to define any equipment needs that can make your child’s life more meaningful.

Our private clinic setting offers a safe, warm and supportive space, but we can also provide support services in your home or within community settings.

Our Paediatric Rehab Clinic works collaboratively for the best outcome for your child

Beyond Boundaries Rehab offers access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists who put your child’s needs at the heart of what we do. We are at the forefront of current research, so you know you are getting the highest level of evidence-based care available.

Your Beyond Boundaries Rehab team can work closely with other service providers you currently work with – our focus is always on the best approach for the best outcome for you.

We understand how important choice and flexibility is for families, and we’re proud to assist by working collaboratively and delivering in services in a range of different ways.

Our focus will always be on the best care for the best outcome for your child.

Contact our team for more information on our Paediatric Rehab Clinic services on admin@bbrehab.com.au or phone (02) 4911 2308.

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Functional Rehab Clinic

Dr Chanka Nanayakkara will join our team of Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist and Social Worker to offer a comprehensive Functional Rehab Clinic, encompassing both Specialist Medical and Allied Health Services. We will work collaboratively with your team of community therapists and support workers to meet your goals. Through this clinic we can support you to lead an active and fulfilled life.  Referrals can be sent via email amanda@bbrehab.com.au or fax 02 49332677. Alternatively,  request a call back here and we will get in touch. http://www.beyondboundariesrehab.com.au/contact


Client Centred School or Home Based Therapy


Our experienced Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Social Workers will guide you to establish meaningful and individualised goals before creating a fun person-centred plan which is up to date with leading evidence and research. Our team will help you achieve these goals through one-one sessions with Therapists or Allied Health Assistants when appropriate or through home/school based programs.


BBR staff will endeavour to always work collaboratively with other service providers to make sure you are getting the most holistic, evidence based support possible.


Our Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists and Allied Health Assistants are able to provide support in our clinic, OR your home, school, preschool, or community setting of your choice. Appointments within the local Maitland area do not incur a travel fee.



BR will be running groups throughout the year on an as needs basis targeting specific areas of development or need. The size of each group will be determined by the individual goals and abilities of participants. Group options available:

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This group is aimed at young people with a disability who wish to maintain a healthy balance in their life, and who wish to learn more about making healthy choices, for both mental and physical fitness.

Fitness for Disability

This group is targeted for all children and young people with a disability who wish to stay or get active! This group is run by an Exercise Physiologist and Therapy Assistant. Individual goals can be worked on during these groups, or come along for general fun and fitness. Activities will be adapted individually to meet the needs of those within the group. Bookings are essential.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness forepeople of all ages and abilities. To encourage strength, mindfulness and socialisation.

Getting Ready for School

Helping children and families with disabilities get ready to start kindy. While individual skills will be worked on in this group, we are also able to provide an individual plan with recommendations for you to take along to your classroom teacher.

Boosting Playground Confidence

This group is ran as an intensive group in school holidays, for young people ages 4-7. Developed and ran by our Paediatric Physiotherapist, Natasha, this group times to increase confidence and skills for those starting kindy or early years of primary school. The program focuses on strength, coordination, fatigue management and social skills.

Upper Limb Function

This group aims to help you work on upper limb and fine motor skills, to help increase your function, achieve your individualised goals and to live your life without limits while meeting and socialising with other people.



BBR is committed to helping those in the community expand their knowledge and spread awareness and understanding of specific diagnoses. BBR is able to provide workshops for staff, and families at a location of your choice, including schools, preschools, group homes, interagency networks etc or we can cater for small intimate group sessions at our BBR offices. Topics include:


Starting school or preschool and how to include a child with a disability.

Play & Development

Development milestones and the importance of play.


The importance of motor development.

Functional anatomy refresher

For new graduates or therapists who just wish to freshen up!


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