Our Team

The word team is central to the Beyond Boundaries Rehab ethos – everything we do is about involving everyone in the process to help people with a disability live a life without limits.

We have a team of highly experienced staff, including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Social Worker, Allied Health Assistants and a Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist.

Our vision is to enable a life without limits for all children, young people and adults with a disability.

Carly Stewart
Director / Occupational Therapist

Beyond Boundaries Rehab wouldn’t be what it is today without Director/Owner, Carly Stewart. As a Director/Owner and Occupational Therapist at BBR, Carly oversees all operations and empowers staff and clients to develop their confidence, voice their ideas and lead new directions in services to achieve better outcomes for clients.

As a business owner Carly believes it’s important to maintain a high quality and cutting-edge service for clients, but also to create a workplace that offers diversity, flexibility and career growth that is achievable in a balanced way. To achieve this, Carly ensures positive communication and kindness remain the pillars of their operation.

Through innovative technology and flexibility tools, Carly has ensured BBR is an environment that encourages the growth and development of both clients and colleagues. In her attempts to build a positive team culture, ‘Dumpling Tuesday’ has become a regular occurrence as well as regular catch-ups with the team, Friday Funday activities and brainstorming sessions.

When she isn’t at work giving her team a pep talk or encouraging them to be the best version of themselves, you will find Carly dipping her feet in some water. With a big love for nature and the calmness of water, Carly loves to get out on her paddleboard or go for a walk along Nobby’s Breakwall whenever she gets the chance. She also loves to read, with some of her favourites being Work – Grit by Angela Duckworth & Dare to Lead by Brene Brown which can be found in their mini BBR library.


“If you don’t change where you are going, you will end up where you are going.”- Lao Tzu

Jane-Maree Perkins

Speech Pathologist

Jane-Maree Perkins is one of our Senior Speech Pathologists at Beyond Boundaries Rehab. One of her passions is being able to aid clients and families during times of difficulty.

Her proven ability to show compassion and support is what makes Jane-Maree such an invaluable team member.

In her role as a Senior Speech Pathologist, Jane-Maree helps others to meet their goals. This is often achieved through drawing upon acute inpatient and rehab skills, community and school therapy options and her previous experience in other disability and health sectors.

In her spare time, you will find Jane-Maree soaking up the sunshine at Caves Beach with her family, listening to her favourite band, The Foo Fighters, or reading a book such as the Wings of Fire series by Tui T.

Natasha Robards


Natasha Robards is one of our dedicated Physiotherapists at Beyond Boundaries Rehab. In her role, she helps to coordinate therapy assistant and hydrotherapy programs as well as provide community and centre-based therapy for our clients.

Her passion to collaborate and enrich the lives of others is something Natasha loves about working with the team. Through BBR, Natasha has been able to gain a deeper understanding of client needs, goals and future aspirations which enables both the client, their families and support teams to feel like they are all on the same page. This helps us to provide the best possible outcome for everyone.

No matter the size of the goal you want to kick, Natasha is dedicated to making sure you have all you need to get there. In her spare time, Natasha enjoys spending time at the local cafes and beaches, making sure she soaks up the very best of the Hunter region.

“You’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit.” – Anonymous

Hollie Morrison

Speech Pathologist

As one of our Speech Pathologists at Beyond Boundaries Rehab, Hollie Morrison helps adults and children develop skills in communication and swallowing. This includes speech, articulation, expressive and receptive language, pre-literacy skills and more.

Working with other colleagues at BBR, Hollie is able to ensure each client receives therapy that is personalised to their specific goals and needs. This enables us to deliver sessions that are aimed at progression and growth. With a passion to help others facilitate communication, Hollie believes it’s fundamental everyone can express their needs, wants and feelings – which she is glad to be able to do at BBR.

Outside of work, Hollie likes to escape to the coastal fringes of Shoal Bay – a beautiful town just a few minutes out of Nelson’s Bay full of great restaurants, gorgeous scenery and plenty of family activities.

Rachel Morrison

Occupational Therapist

Rachel Morrison is one of our friendly Occupational Therapists at Beyond Boundaries Rehab. As part of her role she regularly works with clients to meet their individual needs as well as provide support for families. This will often include collaboration through joint meeting with families/schools, therapy sessions and planning.

Her passion to learn new skills and help others achieve their best is what made her decided to be an Occupational Therapist. This drive is seen every day with the work she does to provide flexible solutions for clients and their families.

In Rachel’s spare time you will find her enjoying everything there is to love about Newcastle from the scenery, culture, food, art and more.

Simone Aldridge


Simone Alridge is one of our passionate Physiotherapists at Beyond Boundaries Rehab. On a day-to-day, Simone works with Pediatrics and adults from all walks of life, helping them with a range of conditions such as cerebral palsy and stroke or degenerative conditions.

In her position, Simone performs hands on assessments to improve walking, strengthen muscles, enhance performance of functional tasks and help clients gain access to further community, sporting or school engagement activities.

When asked about her favourite aspect of work, she said it was the opportunity to work with such a special and talented team who always look out for the best interest of everyone. When she isn’t putting her best foot forward at BBR, you will find her out in nature at the Watagans National Park enjoying the stunning lookouts, waterfalls and bush walking.

Dr Chanka Nanayakkara

Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist and General Paediatrician

Dr Chanka Nanayakkara is a dual trained Paediatric Rehabilitation Specialist and General Paediatrician at Beyond Boundaries Rehab. The nature of Chanka’s role revolves around working with individual children and their families to help individuals achieve goals from childhood right through to adulthood.

Chanka is passionate about optimising the participation of children in school, at home, and within the community. This means a big part of her job revolves around locating and minimising restrictions in participation, so kids can live their lives to the fullest.

Being fortunate to live in the Hunter region, Chanka says she is very happy to have the opportunity to deliver her knowledge and personalised service to others in the area. Seeing the smiles on a number of kids’ faces from being able to help them is what keeps Chanka coming back every day.

Valli Meyyappan

Administrative Assistant

Valli Meyyappan interacts with almost all our clients in her role as an administrative assistant. She enjoys her role helping all members of the team and acting as a liaison between the many different services Beyond Boundaries Rehab interact with.

Valli thrives on working in an environment where kindness is a focus and enjoys learning new things each day.

She loves living in the Hunter region because it’s very quiet and peaceful, yet it has all the facilities and stores of large metropolitan cities, but with the benefits of a tight-knit community.


 “Have confidence but don’t have over confidence.” – Anonymous.

Emma McKenzie-Low


Emma McKenzie-Low is one of our newest Physiotherapists, who you will find at our Adamstown clinic.

As part of our team, Emma works with patients to provide personalised, evidence-based solutions to help them reach their mobility and activity goals. She believes wholeheartedly in our ethos of going beyond boundaries and breaking barriers for clients so they can lead happy and active lifestyles with no limitations.

Emma is a proud team player who prides herself on her ability to work collaboratively to support others on their health journey. Her positive mindset and encouraging nature make her a perfect fit at Beyond Boundaries Rehab.

When Emma isn’t working at our Adamstown rehab clinic, she enjoys spending time out in nature and being immersed in the culture. In her spare time, you may find her walking the trails of Glenrock Reserve, enjoying a swim at the beach, or enjoying some local theatre productions with her family.

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott

Stacey Kukec

Therapy Assistant

Stacey is one of the wonderful Therapy Assistants on our team, at Beyond Boundaries Rehab. Day-to-day, Stacey works closely with other members of the team to conduct tailored therapy and program-related activities for clients.

She is passionate about learning and growing in her role as a Therapy Assistant and enjoys being able to provide support to a range of clients across the Hunter. Stacey says there is nothing better than being able to work in the fun, positive and energetic Beyond Boundaries Rehab environment.

When she’s not at work, Stacey likes to get out to explore Newcastle and visit the beautiful beaches and coastal scenery the city has to offer. You will likely catch her soaking up the relaxing atmosphere while sipping on a freshly brewed coffee.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it’s called the present.” – Master Oogway.

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