BR will be running groups throughout the year on an as needs basis targeting specific areas of development or need. The size of each group will be determined by the individual goals and abilities of participants. Group options available:

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

This group is aimed at young people with a disability who wish to maintain a healthy balance in their life, and who wish to learn more about making healthy choices, for both mental and physical fitness.

Fitness for Disability

This group is targeted for all children and young people with a disability who wish to stay or get active! This group is run by an Exercise Physiologist and Therapy Assistant. Individual goals can be worked on during these groups, or come along for general fun and fitness. Activities will be adapted individually to meet the needs of those within the group. Bookings are essential.

Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and mindfulness forepeople of all ages and abilities. To encourage strength, mindfulness and socialisation.

Getting Ready for School

Helping children and families with disabilities get ready to start kindy. While individual skills will be worked on in this group, we are also able to provide an individual plan with recommendations for you to take along to your classroom teacher.

Boosting Playground Confidence

This group is ran as an intensive group in school holidays, for young people ages 4-7. Developed and ran by our Paediatric Physiotherapist, Natasha, this group times to increase confidence and skills for those starting kindy or early years of primary school. The program focuses on strength, coordination, fatigue management and social skills.

Upper Limb Function

This group aims to help you work on upper limb and fine motor skills, to help increase your function, achieve your individualised goals and to live your life without limits while meeting and socialising with other people.